Top 10 Horror Movies for Halloween 2011

At the Halloween night, enjoying horror movies must make you fright. Prepare your fresh popcorn and soda, and let’s see whether you have good appetite when you see these movies…
1. Scream 4
Sidney played by Neve Campbell is back on screen again. If you have seen her in the previous movies, it only means that Ghost face is out to wreak some havoc, now in the town of Woodsboro.

2. The Woman
It describes a normal life, a normal family. It is not an exorcism movie, but the father of the family has brought a certain woman home. He bound the woman in the basement and plans to do something not good…

3. 11.11.11
The number 11 always has much mysteries and wonders. People sometime thought it can bring good luck, sometimes it will be a sign of misfortune. In this movie, No.11 is a sign unfortunate and horrible event on Novermber11, 2011.

4. Paranormal Activity 3
Is there still someone mistaking this movie? With an original concept of taking documentaries with cameras, and filming “Actual” videos where demonic existence and unspeakable horror is seen, Paranormal Activity has been a hit to many countries…

5. The Human Centipede
This is not about an alien movie, but the plot is rather strange. It is a story about a crazy surgeon who created a human centipede by stitching and binding the spinal column of 12 persons.

6. The Thing
There is virtually nothing but snow and icebergs in Antarctica, scientists have unearthed an unidentified organism trapped in a block of ice. It is this unidentified organism that takes their lives on after another, to sustain itself.

7. Texas Killing Fields
There is a killing field just outside the state of Texas, where actual killings take place usually. Two detectives have been looking for truth for long time…

8. Dream House
No matter good and bad, every family has their own memories. However, the home in this movie is a place for murders. Unknown to the Atenton family, who move into the house that they will become the murderer’s next target…

9. Chromeskull2: Laid to Rest
This is more like a suspense genre movie, a killer who is wearing a chrome skull to hide his identity and identify him as the new face of death. He has his own set of equipments to kill, taking pleasure to anyone he targets.

10. Piranha 3D
You have been afraid of the beach when you were younger due to the images kept in your mind with sharks feeding on human flesh. Over the years, the fear has been dispelled with sharks only attracted with blood. But if piranhas would be out of the beach, just imagine blood all over the water, on the boats, and maybe even close on the shore.

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