How to make a DVD with Lady Gaga’s MV

Lady Gaga can be the most attracting star nowadays, no matter her experience, her special make up, her fashionable clothes all are leading the fashion trend around the world. She won the world not only due to her fashion and forward, but also due to her good voice and creative capability. Since she debuted four years he has made many worlds’ records, such as her “Poker Face” which lasted 156 weeks in the UK single song chart, “Bad Romance” which has broken the 17’s record of Airplay, “Born This Way” which has won the iTunes’ champion in 24 fours in 23 countries and being the best-selling song in iTunes’ history. And in 2011, her name has appeared on Forbes’ the most powerful celebrities and was the No.1 which has created a new popularity era.
Most people may know and like Lady Gaga, no matter her experience or her music talent. How about making a DVD with your favorite Gaga’s music and enjoying with your home theater? I think it will be a great and heart-beating thing. You can download some of your favorite MV of Lady Gaga from YouTube and then make a DVD of these videos.
First, download a DVD Maker and import videos to DVD Maker.
Download and install a DVD Maker in your computer, and then click “Add” to import Gaga’s MV video to the DVD Maker.

Second, choose DVD menu template
Click “Burn to DVD” the big button at the bottom of the right to enter into the panel in which you can choose a DVD menu from those presets DVD menu template.

Third, Settings
Click “Next” to make more settings for DVD creation, such as burn to what kind of files DVD folder or DVD ISO, volume label, the output (Save To), TV standard, etc.

Fourth, start making a DVD
Click “start” and a dialog box will pop up to let you choose either burning to a DVD disc immediately or creating a DVD ISO image in your hard disc for later burning. After that you can enjoy Lady Gaga’s MV on your home theater.

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