How to make a DVD for Thanksgiving Day present

Have recorded some thanks videos for your friends, parents, teachers, or other important persons that you want to thank? Want to put then to a DVD disc as a Thanksgiving Day present? Here we will share you an easy way to make a DVD for Thanksgiving Day.
To make a DVD disc, a DVD Makers is needed. Here we will make Leawo DVD Makers as an example to illustrate how to make a DVD step by step in the following guide.

Download and install DVD Maker.
Download and install DVD Maker for Mac.

How to make a DVD for Thanksgiving Day?

Step1. Load video files to DVD maker
Launch DVD Maker, and then click “Add” to get videos or directly drag the video to the program. After you have added video files, there will be a list showing after in which you can view the video clips. You can preview the video by double clicking the title of the video, so as to make sure it is correctly loaded.

Step2. Edit video (Optional)
Click “Edit” button to edit video clips to so as to get better effect. Four edit features are allowed: Trim, Crop, Effect and Watermark.

Step3. Select a DVD menu template.
Click the big button “Burn to DVD” on the main interface to go the following panel:

The program has provided some presets for users to choose. To make it more flexible, the background music and picture can be replaced with your own.
Step4. Settings
After choosing the menu template, you can click “Next” in the above picture to turn to the panel below:

You can choose your own volume label. And choose burn video to ISO File or DVD Folder. In “Options”, you can choose the destination for you to save the output file. In “Video Settings”, you can select the suitable TV Standard and Aspect Ratio.
Step5. Conversion
After setting you can click “Start” to begin to make a DVD. With just a few steps and less time you can make a DVD disc for Thanksgiving Day.

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