How to enjoy DVD on Android mobile phone

Android OS can be recognized the most popular operating system at present. It is actually a software stack for mobile devices that includes an operating system, middleware and key applications developed by Google. Since the release of Android OS, it has been adopted by many famous mobile phone companies such as Sony Ericsson, Samsung, BlackBerry, Moto etc. With the popularity of Android Os, Android Os mobile phone is also popular whose popularity can compare with Apple. Another reason for its popularity may be its open and free apps which users don’t need to pay anything to get them. There are currently more than 250,000 apps available for Android. Users can download those apps through Android Market or the third-party site which is more open and free than Apple. While, our focus is not how powerful Android Os is but how to enjoy DVD movie on Android mobile phone under the situation that no hard drive exists in mobile phone. Enjoying DVD on Android mobile phone is quite possible. Then I will show you the specific steps about enjoying DVD on Android mobile phone.

Make preparations:
1. DVD Ripper
2. Windows OS computer
3. DVD disc

Guide: How to enjoy DVD on Android mobile phone
Step1. Load DVD files
Insert DVD to hard drive, install and start program. Click “Add” to import DVD files to the program.

Step2. Choose the Output format
You can choose the output format in the drop down box of “Profile”. Choose “Android mobile” column and select your corresponding mobile phone in the column or directly enter the format your mobile phone supported in the search bar. What’s more, you need to set the output as well.

Step3. Setting
You can set the parameters such as video size, video codec, bit rate, frame rate and aspect ratio for video clips by click “Setting”. In the Video Size, you can choose the size as per your device.
Step4. Conversion
After all the settings completed, click “Convert” to start converting DVD to Android mobile phone.



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