How to copy DVD to folder

While copying DVD is a very common activity performed by many software programs, even many advanced computer users don’t know how to copy DVD to folder. Copying DVDs is quite good for making a backup of DVD contents, or watching them on your computer, iPod, iPhone etc.
Actually, it is not legal to copy DVD for any and all purposes; however, DVD Copy software can help you solve these problems.
Guide: How to copy DVD to folder

Step1. Launch DVD Copy on your computer
Step2.Insert DVD disc into the hard drive of your pc and then clicks “Source” to load DVD movie to the program.

Step3. Click “Target” to select which way you would like to copy DVD movie. You can choose DVD folder here.

Step4.Decide the name of the output file
Decide the “Disc Label” which is the name of the target file. You can name whatever you prefer.
Step5. Settings
Click “Settings” to customize Work Space, Update Setting and other options.
Work Space: the folder to put temporary files for DVD copy process.
Update Setting: set update frequency

Step6. Copy DVD to folder
Click “Start” to start copying DVD to DVD folder.

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