How to convert Xvid to DVD on Mac

A lot of video files out on the web usually use Xvid codec for compression. Xvid is a free tool that can be used on any platform to compress video. Although it is one of the most wildly used video codec online and adopted by lots of video formats, Xvid cannot be played on any DVD players. You may have such a problem that you cannot play Xvid encoded video files on DVD player, then you need to convert Xvid to DVD with a Xvid to DVD Converter for Mac.
Xvid to DVD Converter
Xvid video files, blank or rewriteable DVD disc
DVD drive

Guide: How to convert Xvid to DVD on Mac
Step1. Load Xvid video files to Xvid to DVD Converter
Launch the Xvid to DVD Converter for Mac, click “Add” or directly drag and drop the Xvid video files to the program. You can preview it with its built-in player.

Step2. Edit (Optional)
Edit function is provided by Xvid to DVD Converter for Mac. You are allowed to Trim, Crop, Rotation, Effect and Watermark the video clips.

Step3. Customize DVD menu
Click “Burn to DVD” the big button in the home interface to enter the following panel, in which you can select one DVD menu from those presets. You are also allowed to customize DVD menu by clicking “Customize Menu”.

Step4. Settings and Converting Xvid to DVD on Mac
After choosing DVD menu, click “Next” to do some settings for the conversion, you need do some selections in “Burn to disc”, “Options” and “Video Settings” After all have been done, click “Start” to begin the Xvid to DVD conversion on Mac Os X.

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