How to convert FLV to DVD

We usually get many funny videos from video website, such as YouTube, Hulu, Music, MySpace, Metacafe, Google Video, etc. When you downloaded these files, you will find that they are all in FLV format. FLV, short for Flash Video, is a proprietary file format used to deliver video over the internet using Adobe Flash Player. FLV content may be embedded within SWF files.
At present, FLV files become more and more popular. Therefore, there are many people want to convert FLV to DVD to watch movies on a DVD player or on TV. Here we will share a example for you to take FLV on TV with DVD Creator.
Download DVD Creator

Step1. Load FLV to DVD Creator
Open the program and click “Add” to import FLV files to the program. You can preview the files by double clicking the title of the name.

Step2. Choose DVD menu
Click “Burn to DVD” on the right bottom of the main interface to select a DVD menu template

Step3. Click “Next” to make more settings for DVD creation, such as burn to what kind of files, volume label, the output (Save To) etc.

Step4. FLV to DVD conversion
Click “start” and a dialog box will pop up to let you choose either burning to a DVD disc immediately or creating a DVD ISO image in your hard disc for later burning.

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