How to convert film to DVD on Mac

Do you usually enjoy movies with your DVD player? Do you often find it hard to get some classic DVD movie in retailer? If you are troublesome with finding a DVD, then you deserve to have a Mac DVD Creator, which can help you to convert film to DVD on Mac so as to enjoy on DVD player. What you have to do is getting your favorite movie on your computer and convert it to DVD. And following I will share you the specific way to convert film to DVD on Mac with a Mac DVD Creator.
Guide: How to convert film to DVD on Mac
Step1. Download Mac DVD Creator and install it in your computer.

Step2. Import film to Mac DVD Creator
Launch Mac Creator and click “Add” or directly drag and drop the film resource to the program.

Step3. Edit (Optional)
Edit video and set 3D effect (Optional)
1.Click “Edit” on top menu to enter into edit panel. Five options available for you to edit videos: Trim, Crop, Rotation, Effect and Watermark.

2.Enter into “3D Settings” panel, and then you can select one of 3D setting modes, adjust 3D depth effect by choosing an exact value.

Step4. Customize Menu
Click “Burn to DVD” button to enter into the following panel, in which you can select one suitable DVD menu from those presets. And you can edit DVD Menu by clicking “Customize Menu”.

Step5. Further DVD settings and converting film to DVD on Mac
Click “Next” to enter into setting panel. You can choose to input your own volume label, check Burn to disc. In “Options”, choose “create image file”.  In “Video Settings”, you can select the suitable TV standard and Aspect Ratio. After all above have been done, click “Start” to start converting film to DVD on Mac.

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