How to convert 2D DVD to 3D video

Would like full use of your 2D DVD? You may not know that your 2D DVD can play with 3D effect as well. The best solution for playing 2D DVD with 3D effect is to convert 2D DVD to 3D video with a DVD Ripper, which is able to convert 2D DVD to various 3D videos for enjoying in Flash Video player or uploading to YouTube for sharing. This DVD Ripper will help you to convert 2D DVD to 3D video with just a few clicks so as to widen your 3D resources. Following I will share you how to convert 2D DVD to 3D video.

Step1. Import 2D DVD to DVD Ripper
Launch DVD Ripper and click “Add” to import 2D DVD to the program. After importing the files, you can select Subtitle, Audio and Angle if provided.

Step2. Choose 3D effect
Click 3D button at the end of each profile or on the top menu to set 3D effect. Select 3D effect according to your devices and 3D glassed. You can get instant preview of 3D effect in the built-in player.

Step3. Set output format
Return to the main interface and click “Profile” to choose a format in “Common Video” or other columns as per your devices.

Step4. Setting
You can set the parameters for the files by clicking “Settings” button, including video and audio codec, quality, bit rate, frame rate, aspect ratio, etc.

Step5. Convert 2D DVD to 3D video
After settings have been done, revisit the home interface and click “Convert” button to start to convert 2D DVD to 3D video.

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