How to burn your favorite DVDs to blank DVD

As a DVD lover, I think most of you must have the same problem that DVDs cannot be kept for a long period for some damages. To solve this problem, I have been using DVD to DVD burner to copy DVD to another blank one which will cost little and make DVDs keep longer.
Leawo DVD Copy is a professional tool for burning DVD to DVD. It can decrypt the CSS protection of commercial DVDs with its built-in decrypter and also can keep the same video and audio quality with the original DVD without damaging. Many people may feel that burning DVD is a very complicated process, but this is certainly not that case. Following I will share you how simple it is to burn DVD to DVD.

Download Leawo DVD Copy  

Step1. Launch Leawo DVD Copy, click “Source” to choose DVD movie you would like to import.

Input Ways

Output Ways

from DVD Disc

Disc, Folder, ISO

from DVD Folder

Disc, ISO

from DVD ISO


This chart is the input and output ways in detail.

Step2. Click “Target” to choose how you like to copy DVD movie.

Step3. Decide the “Disc Label” that is the name of the target file; you can change to anything you like.
Step4. Decide the “Disc Size” that is the size required for copying
Step5. Click “Settings” to customize Work Space, Update Setting and other program options.

Step6. Click the big “Start” button to start the DVD copy process.

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